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Children's whacking game with redemption tickets. Uses compressor to pop up targets.

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Cloth Boot - Hitty Mouse / Peek-A-Boo

Cloth boot that goes below the mice/moles on the Peek-A-boo and Hitty Mouse games...

Mallet for Hitty Mouse / Peek-A-Boo

Hammer / Mallet for Hitty Mouse and Peek-A-Boo games children's whacking games.Consumable item...

Peek-A-Boo Air Distribution Block

Air distribution block for the Peek-A-Boo children's whacking game. For channeling air from the comp..

Peek-A-Boo Green Mole Head

Replacement Green Mole head for Peek-A-Boo children's whacking game with redemption tickets...

Sensor - Rock 'n Ball / Hitty Mouse / Peek-A-Boo/Double Shot

Blue Sensor used on Rock 'n Ball as ball score sensorAlso used on Peek-A-Boo / Hitty Mouse children'..

Sensor Brackets

Sensor Brackets - sold individually.Paokai / WMH game:Peek-A-Boo..