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Coils & Solenoids

Coils & Solenoids

Coils and Solenoids for various machines, including cranes, redemption games and more.

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24V/12V Solenoid - Explosive / Pop It & Win

24 Volt Solenoid unit for Explosive and Pop It And Win ticket redemption games.Manufacturer Part No...

Crane Coil 5 (H2400) Medium

WMH / Paokai Crane Coil No. 5 Medium (H2400) Used on the following machines:Surprise CraneSweet Time..

Crane Coil No. 17 - Maxi Claw

WMH / Paokai Crane Coil No. 17 -Used on the following machines:Maxi Claw CraneDynomax CraneGolden Ba..

Crane Coil No. 2

WMH / Paokai Crane Coil No. 2 -Used on the following machines:Bling King CraneCool Age CraneQ CraneM..

Crane Coil No. 6 - H2350

WMH / Paokai Crane Coil No. 6 -Used on the following machines:Candy Crane (old and new style)Magical..

Froggy Battle Flipper Coil

FROGGY BATTLE FLIPPER COIL J122-002 DC12 Froggy Battle unis Froggy Battle..

Galaxy Rider Gate Solenoid (HMT25015)

GALAXY GATE SOLENOIDE HMT25015 Galaxy Rider mp-group -memo park Galaxy Rider..

Hitty Mouse Coil No. 17

Coil 17 for Hitty Mouse children's whacking ticket redemption game.Manufacturer Part No.: ASWCL017EU..

Hockey Flash - Puck Release Solenoid

HOCKEY FLASH PUCK RELEASE SOLENOID Air Hockley Flash roberto-sport Air Hockley Flash..

King of the Hammer Solenoid

KING HAMMER SOLENOID MKOH0SOL002 King of The Hammer andamiro King of The Hammer..

King of the Hammer Solenoid Return Spring

KING HAMMER SOLENOID RETURN SPRING King of The Hammer andamiro King of The Hammer..

Monster Drop Old Style Solenoid Assembly 115ASY023

Monster Drop Solenoid Assembly (old style)The solenoid assembly includes solenoid coil, mounting bra..

Monster Drop Solenoid Mount 2 115MAC045

Benchmark Solenoid mount v2 as used to secure the ball release solenoid on:Monster DropMonster Drop ..

Pirates Revenge Solenoid

Replacement solenoid for Pirates Revenge ticket redemption game by Tecway...

Red Hot Solenoid & Opto Sensor Harness 096HNS004

Red Hot & Red Hot X-Treme wiring harness for solenoid and ball transmit opto sensor.Sensor and s..

Red Hot Solenoid Assembly with Sensor 099ASY023

Red Hot Solenoid assembly, includes coil, plunger, spring, opto, harness and plexi mount.Manufacture..

Red Hot Solenoid Bracket 90SHM009A

Solenoid Bracket for Red Hot ticket redemption game by Benchmark Games.Manufacturer Part No.: 90SHM0..

Red Hot X-Treme 7's Front Glass Trim Solenoid

FRONT GLASS TRIM SOLENOID COVER 079MAC05 Red Hot X-Treme benchmark-games Red Hot X-Treme..

Solenoid Assembly 12V - Monster Drop X-Treme / Chaos

12 Volt Solenoid Assembly for Benchmark Games machines:ChaosMonster Drop X-TremeManufacturer Part No..

Solenoid Assembly for Red Hot X-Treme / Fire And Ice X-Treme 097ASM012

Solenoid Assembly for Benchmark Games machines:Red Hot x-TremeFire And Ice X-TremeIncludes solenoid,..

Ticket Station Solenoid Air Valve Assembly (Without Gauge)

Solenoid air valve assembly for side door on Ticket Station (without gauge).Manufacturer Part No.: 0..

YG Air Hockey Solenoid

AIR HOCKEY SOLENOID Hockey 3000 yuang-gong Hockey 3000Frootball FrenzyIce Hockey..