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Locks & Keys

Locks & Keys
Locks and keys for various machines.
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Barrel Lock R32506 with 2 Keys

Barrel Lock R32506 with 2 keys. Used on various machines including:Benchmark Trap DoorBenchmark Tick..

Cotton Candy Factory - 190 Lock

LOCK ( 190 ) COTTON CANDY Cotton Candy Factory feiloli Cotton Candy Factory..

Cotton Candy Factory Vend Door Lock Motor

Replacement door lock motor (20 RPM) for Cotton Candy Factory vending door.Prevents door from being ..

Key for 322 Lock

Replacement Keys for 322 lock, without lock, as used on some Benchmark Games equipment...

Lock No. 288 with Keys

Lock 288 and keys, used on various games including Maxi Claw Cranes...

Medeco Security Lock and Key for American Changer

Security locks for American Changer change machines. Includes both lock and key.For use on the cabin..

Skee Ball Key 2316

SKEE BALL KEY 2316 Skee Ball skee-ball-baytek Skee Ball..

T-Handle for Change Machine Lid / Top Door

T-Handle for Change Machine coin refill door on top of change machine (door that opens upwards).Suit..

Tower of Tickets H95 Key

MAIN KEY H95 TOWER OF TICKETS Tower of Tickets Baytek Tower of Tickets..

'T Handle' for Ticket Station / Trap Door

Replacement 'T Handle' without cylinder lock or keys (sold separately).As used on various machines i..

1/4 Turn T Handle with Pins (90°)

Quarter turn (90%) 'T Handle' Front door handle with pins for American Changer change machines...

Centre Lock Nr.1570 Pusher

Centre Lock Nr.1570 Pusher. Suitable for:PusherWizard Of OzWilly WonkaTicket CircusStar TrekFlintst..

Cylinder Lock T-Handle & Key

Cylinder Lock T-Handle & Key.  Suitable for:CranePusher E-ClawBaby Claw/Mr ClawGigaWiza..

Cylinder Lock T-Handle & Key (1558)

Cylinder Lock T-Handle & Key (1558).  Suitable for:CranePusher E-ClawBaby Claw/Mr ClawB..

Excenter Lock Pusher

Excenter Lock Pusher. Suitable for:PusherWizard Of OzWilly WonkaTicket CircusStar TrekFlintstonesBl..

Game Button - Pearl Fishery

Main game button for Pearl Fishery game.Manufacturer Part No. PMPF0020..