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Power Drop X-Treme

Power Drop X-Treme

Power Drop X-Treme, single player giant 'Monster Drop' style game. Benchmark ticket redemption game.


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Benchmark Mainboard 85ELE002

Mainboard for various Benchmark Games machines including:Big Rig Truckin Blue Blast Blue B..

Benchmark Power Distribution Board PCB00032

Power Distribution Board for a wide range of Benchmark Games machines, including:Beat The MonstersBl..

Large 75mm 'Icy Balls for Monster Drop X-Treme & Power Drop X-Treme

Large 75mm 'Icy' bouncing balls especially designed for Benchmark Games X-Treme games. Suitable for:..

Monster Drop Solenoid Mount 2 115MAC045

Benchmark Solenoid mount v2 as used to secure the ball release solenoid on:Monster DropMonster Drop ..

Monster Drop X-Treme - Front and Right Playfield Ball Diverters

Monster Drop X-Treme ball diverters are front and right of playfield to maneuver balls on to turntab..

Monster Drop X-Treme Left Side Ball Diverter

Monster Drop X-Treme playfield left side ball diverter.Manufacturer Part No.: 121-MAC-135..

Monster Drop X-Treme Power Supply Stack

Extreme Power Supply Stack 4 for Monster Drop X-TremeIncludes 1x 5 Volt, 2x 12 Volt and 1x 24 Volt u..

Right Angle Opto Sensor PCB (Slot Style) PCB00077

Right angle (90˚) Opto sensor PCB, as used on the following Benchmark Games machines:BlasterBig Rig ..