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Audio / sound components for machines, such as speakers, amplifiers, etc.

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Benchmark Sound Board PCB00051

Benchmark Games sound board for various machines including:ExplosiveMonster DropPop It And WinTrap D..

Chaos Audio Amplifier

Audio Amplifier board for Benchmark 'Chaos' bouncing ball game.Manufacturer Part No.: 500PCB052..

Discontinued - Large Speaker - Wild West

SPRE1088 - disabledMarked Dormant in Opera - replaced by multi-machine stock code for other Ace Amus..

Fishbowl Frenzy Subwoofer Speaker

SUBWOOFER SPEAKER FISHBOWL FRENZY Fish Bowl Frenzy team-play Fish Bowl Frenzy..

Pirates Revenge Sound Board

Replacement sound board for Pirates Revenge ticket redemption game by Tecway...

Smart Database Prize Centre Sound Board

PRIZE CENTRE SOUND BOARD Smart Prize Centre smart-industries Smart Prize Centre..

Speaker for Beach Buggy & Crazy Wheels Kiddie Rides

BEACH BUGGY & CRAZY WHEELS SPEAKER Beach Buggy Kiddie Ride tecway Beach Buggy Kiddie RideCrazy Whee..

Tokohoma Speakers

Tokohoma Speakers, as used on various UNIS / Universal Space games.Sold individually...

YG Air Hockey Sound Board

AIR HOCKEY SOUND BOARD Hockey 3000 yuang-gong Hockey 3000Frootball FrenzyIce Hockey..

Zombie Outbreak Audio Amplifier 12V, 20W

Audio Amplifier for Zombie Outbreak, water shooting video game with redemption tickets.Spec: 12 Volt..

Amplifier-Bullseye Crack Shot

Amplifier for Ace Amusements Bullseye Crack Shot ticket redemption video game...

Speaker 4R 60W 102MM

Speaker 4R 60W 102MM for Elaut Cranes/Pushers. Manufacturer part no.: 2070.1024  &nbs..