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Midi-Line 2 Changer

Midi-Line 2 Changer

UDC's 2 Hopper Change Machine built by American Changer. For changing coins into 2p's or 10p's.

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Acrylic Coin Chute for Midi-Line Changer

Acrylic coin chute for Midi-Line (2 Hopper) Change machine.Coins fall down through the chute from th..

Changer Coin Acceptor Harness

Harness (cable/lead with connectors) that connects the coin mechanism to the controller PCB in the A..

Gearbox Kit for Green & Black (Mark 1) Coin Hoppers

Kit to replace all of the gears in the gearbox for the original 'Mark 1' black and green coloured co..

Hopper Opto Board

Replacement Opto Board for Yellow & Black Hopper used in American Changer machines...

LCD display and I/O for MIDI changer

'Wireless' I/O board with LCD display for MIDI changer machine ADVANCE REPLACEMENT Manufac..

Medeco Security Lock and Key for American Changer

Security locks for American Changer change machines. Includes both lock and key.For use on the cabin..

Midi-Line 2 Changer LCD Display (8065.1)

LCD DISPLAY MIDI CHANGER (8065.1) american changer not supplied separately , need to be or..

Midi-Line 2 Changer Mainboard Small Display Mk.1

Main board with small display for American Changer Mk.1 Midi-Line change machine - 'old style' ..

Midi-Line 2 Changer Mainboard with Display Mk.2 RV07

MAIN BOARD MIDI CHANGER W/ DISP MK2 RV07 advance replacement american changer £50 cre..

Midi-Line 2 Decal Set

Decal set for the Midi-Line 2 (AC2078) change machine. Available in 2p or 10p varieties.Includes fro..

NRI G13 MFT 7000 CCTalk Coin Mech Front Entry / Front Reject

NRI G13 MFT 7000 CCTalk Coin Mech.Front Entry / Front Reject, with CCTalk software. Suitable f..

Power Supply 24V RS-150-24

Replacement 24 Volt Power Supply Unit (PSU) for American Changer change machines...

Power Supply Upgrade Kit for American Changer

Upgrade your American Changer change machine to the 'new style' of Power Supply Units (PSU) to repla..

Red Belt assembly for Coin Hopper

Replacement red belt assembly for Universal Coin Hopper used in the American Changer range of change..

1/4 Turn T Handle with Pins (90°)

Quarter turn (90%) 'T Handle' Front door handle with pins for American Changer change machines...