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Cash Handling

Cash Handling

Includes coin mechanisms, coin comparitors, bill/note validators, etc.

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Asahi Seiko Hopper for Kash Kong & Frooty Looty

p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 11.0px Calibri} span.s1 {font-kerning: none}As..

Beach Buggy & Crazy Wheels Door with Coin Box

CRAZY WHEELS / BEACH B DOOR W/ COIN BOX Crazy Wheels Kiddie Ride tecway Crazy Wheels Kiddie Ride..

Colorama Coin Entry Plate

Coin Entry plate for Colorama ticket redemption game.Suitable for both Colorama 2 Player and Coloram..

Combi Coin Comparitor YD-705A

UDC Combi-Coin Comparitor for 10p coinsModel No.: YD-705AAccepts both old 10p and new 10p (switchabl..

Gear 12/34T for Evolution Hopper EV0029

Replacement gear for Evolution HopperGear 12/34TManufacturer Part No.: EV0029 ..

Gold Zone Hopper Disc 06OEM132

The hopper disc is installed in the coin hopper to accept and dispense coins/tokens used by the Gold..

Hopper Opto Board

Replacement Opto Board for Yellow & Black Hopper used in American Changer machines...

MEI CF9500 / CF126 Coin Mech

Money Control / MEI - CF9500 / CF126 Coin MechSuitable for the following Eurotek 10p Ticket SlotsAla..

Mini Front Plate for 340 Coin Mech

Mini front plate for Cashflow 340 coin mechanism.Front coin entry, front coin reject...

Note Acceptor Security Kit

Metal bracket with lock that secures the Note Acceptor inside change machines to prevent loss/theft ..

NRI G13 MFT 7000 Non-Totaliser - Front Reject

NRI G13 MFT 7000 non-Totaliser electronic multi-coin coin mechanism. RedemptionKiddie RidesCranes ..

NRI G13 MFT 6400 Totaliser - Top Entry, Bottom Reject

NRI G13 MFT 6400 TOTALISER T/E B/ R Fish Bowl Frenzy nri Fish Bowl FrenzyFruit NinjaJuicy Frutti..

NRI G13 MFT 7000 CCTalk Coin Mech Front Entry / Front Reject

NRI G13 MFT 7000 CCTalk Coin Mech.Front Entry / Front Reject, with CCTalk software. Suitable f..

NRI G13 MFT 7400 Totaliser - Front Reject

NRI G13 MFT 7400 TOTALIZER F/ REJECT Tower of Tickets  BooTickety Boo X-Tremebenchmark-games..

Sangin SG-968 Coin Comparator

Physically install coin or token into the mechanism to be compared to program the device.Accepts coi..

UNIS Coin Chute Sensor MOC70T4

UNIS coin chute sensor for various UNIS games, including:Basket FortuneFootball FortuneTouchdown For..