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Maxi-3 Plus Changer

Maxi-3 Plus Changer

Fast, large capacity change machine for 2p or 10p coins with note acceptor, by American Changer.

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Astro ST1 Note Acceptor

Astro ST1 bank note acceptor / bill validator for Maxi 3 Plus (3 Hopper changer with note changer).N..

Changer Coin Acceptor Harness

Harness (cable/lead with connectors) that connects the coin mechanism to the controller PCB in the A..

Flex 2 Controller Board

Mainboard for American Changer machines.Suitable for:Maxi 3 ChangerMaxi 3 Plus Changer  (3.1 No..

Gas Strut Arm Kit for Change Machines

Optional upgrade for change machines to fit a gas-strut arm on the coin door on top of the machine.S..

Hopper New Version Kit for American Changer machines

Hopper New Version Kit for American Changer coin change machines.Black unit with yellow plastic stri..

Hopper Opto Board

Replacement Opto Board for Yellow & Black Hopper used in American Changer machines...

LCD display and I/O board for Maxi Changer

LCD display and I/O board for Maxi Changer Maxi changer machine £50 credit on advance repl..

Medeco Security Lock and Key for American Changer

Security locks for American Changer change machines. Includes both lock and key.For use on the cabin..

Nayax Loom

Harness (cable/lead with connectors) connects to the Flex 2 main board to Nayax system for American ..

NRI G13 MFT 7000 CCTalk Coin Mech Front Entry / Front Reject

NRI G13 MFT 7000 CCTalk Coin Mech.Front Entry / Front Reject, with CCTalk software. Suitable f..

Power Harness for Maxi 3 Plus Note Acceptor

Note acceptor power harness for the Maxi-3 Plus (3 hopper plus notes) American Changer.Connects the ..

Power Supply 24V RS-150-24

Replacement 24 Volt Power Supply Unit (PSU) for American Changer change machines...

Red Belt assembly for Coin Hopper

Replacement red belt assembly for Universal Coin Hopper used in the American Changer range of change..

1/4 Turn T Handle with Pins (90°)

Quarter turn (90%) 'T Handle' Front door handle with pins for American Changer change machines...