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Parts for the Circlerama, 4 player ticket redemption game, by Andamiro.

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Andamiro Sensor Board 1- ACIROPCB011

Andamiro Sensor Board 1, as used on: CircleramaFruit PartyLobster RobotWinners Cube DXManufacturer P..

Andamiro Sensor Board 2 - AWIWOPCB009

Andamiro Sensor Board 2 as used on: CircleramaWinner's WheelWonderlandManufacturer Part No.: AWIWOPC..

Andamiro Ticket Dispenser

andamiro Circlerama andamiro CircleramaWinner's WheelHammer DXHammer 2Wonderland..

Circlerama Electronic Ballast (MELE0BAL010)

ELCTRONIC BALLAST MELE0BAL010 Circlerama andamiro CircleramaWinner's WheelWonderland..

Circlerama O Ring

'O Ring' for Andamiro Circlerama game.Manufacturer Part No.: MZZZ0000334Consumable item...

1.5 mm wide Target for Fruit Party & Circlerama

ANDAMIRO TARGET 1.5MM MCIRPLA002 Circlerama andamiro CircleramaFruit Party..

10 mm wide Target for Fruit Party & Circlerama

ANDAMIRO TARGET 10MM MCIRPLA004 Circlerama andamiro CircleramaFruit Party..