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Maxi Claw & Dynomax Cranes

Maxi Claw & Dynomax Cranes

Parts for both Maxi Claw and Dynomax cranes. These cranes feature a large prize grab in a small footprint cabinet.

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Blue Joystick Knob

Replacement screw-on blue knob for crane joystick.Used on WMH / Paokai cranes...

Claw No. 17 Ring and Ties Assembly - Maxi Claw / Dynomax Cranes

Maxi Claw and Dynomax Cranes use the Number 17 Claw assembly.This is the 'Ring and Ties' assembly fo..

Crane Coil No. 17 - Maxi Claw

WMH / Paokai Crane Coil No. 17 -Used on the following machines:Maxi Claw CraneDynomax CraneGolden Ba..

Lock No. 288 with Keys

Lock 288 and keys, used on various games including Maxi Claw Cranes...

Power Supply Unit P2020 / 9pin plug

WMH / Paokai Power Supply unit P2020 / 9 pin plugSuitable for these machines:P2020 (non-crane machin..

Sensor DM1-MNB for Sweet Time, Maxi Claw & Tickety Boo X-Treme Cranes

SENSOR DM1-MNB S TIME/ MAXI / TICKETY Xwmh-paokai Maxi ClawTickety Boo X-TremeTickety BooGRAY ROUND ..

Power Supply P2040 - 12 Pin Plug

Power Supply P2040 - 12 Pin Plug tickety boo candy crane tickets galore bling ki..