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Double Play Crane

Double Play Crane

Parts for Double Play crane. First you try for a toy and then if you didn't win you get to 'play until you win' for some candy/sweets.

Crane has two play fields - a big toy/plush section and a narrow candy section on one side.

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Crane Coil No. 6 - H2350

WMH / Paokai Crane Coil No. 6 -Used on the following machines:Candy Crane (old and new style)Magical..

Crane Power PCB W9833C

W9833C Power PCB for crane machines, as used on:Double Play CraneTickets Galore CraneCool Age Crane..

Double Play Crane Fuse Board

DOUBLE PLAY FUSE BOARD PCB-W040846 Double Play Crane wmh-paokai Double Play Crane..

Double Play Crane Left/Side Gantry Loom

DOUBLE PLAY LEFT/SIDE GANTRY LOOM LI-390 Double Play Crane wmh-paokai Double Play Crane..

Double Play Crane Right/Side Gantry Loom

DOUBLE PLAY RIGHT/SIDE GANTRY LOOM Double Play Crane wmh-paokai Double Play Crane..

Power Supply Unit P2020 / 9pin plug

WMH / Paokai Power Supply unit P2020 / 9 pin plugSuitable for these machines:P2020 (non-crane machin..

Sweet Sensor for Toy Plus & Double Play Crane

TOY PLUS / DOUBLE PLAY SWEET SENSOR Toy Plus Crane wmh-paokai Toy Plus CraneDouble Play Crane..

Mini Mentos Sweets - Fruit Mix

Bag of 100 assorted packets of Mentos wrapped sweets. Mini Mentos fruit mix variety.Suitable for cra..